Delivery time & Cost

For orders within Sweden the delivery time is between 3 to 10 days depending on workload. Shipments within Sweden are environmentally compensated and carried out by DHL Freight, Except when the sculptures are to fragile to be send by conventional freight. If so it will be clearly stated in the gallery.

For shipment to other countries the fright cost will be set dependent on country zone. Please contact Ahlbacka for pricing. 

DHL green cargo
Wood wool

Package & Environment

In the highest degree possible the artworks will be delivered in emballage with the least possible environmental impact. Cardboard in unbleached recycled paper, Paper tape, biodegradable and recyclable polyethylene packing chips and wood wool that is both beautiful and protective. Even the document of authenticity and business card is made out of recycled paper. In some cases bubble rap is required in order to manage the shipping requirements. Ahlbacka is continuously working on finding the best solutions for sustainable and safe shipments.

Fragile objects

In order to use green cargo the emballage has to be able to withstand tough handling. Some sculpture can't handle that. In these cases it will be clearly stated in the description.

The best way manage this is to pick up the sculpture in person at Ahlbacka. If that does not work it is always possible to arrange special delivery, but unfortunately to a higher cost.

Please contact Ahlbacka before purchase of sensitive objects, and we will make sure that you will receive the sculpture in the best possible way.

"Gryning / Dawn"

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