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Casting Material

The largest gypsum field in Italy is located in Roccastrada, Tuscany. 200 million years ago there was a tropical ocean with coral reefs here. When this sea dried out large deposits of calcium sulfate crystalline formed. At the heart of this quarry, Gessi Roccastrada breaks the purest limestone, which is then refined and boiled under rigorous controls. Particular attention is paid to the management of the quarries; Once an excavation area has been exhausted, it is transformed into a wooded area under strict environmental quality criteria.
The sculptures are cast from the absolute purest fine granulometry white alpha hemihydrate made from a special selected gypsum stone which is obtained from specially selected limestone with a higher purity than 90%. This mixture is preferably used when extra high demands on finish, precision, weather resistance and hardness are are required, such as when casting complicated statues and columns. The cast result gives a chalk white, perfect silk matte surface without pores and with a stoneware like sound.

Ask Skulpturbaser
"Ask" (transl. "Ash") with sculpture bases in Ash

Sculpture Base

The wood bases for the Sculptures are made from Ash alternatively Birch, which has dried for many years and has been manufactured by a small carpentry shop in Osby, who specializes in displays and shop fittings for premium watch stores such as Omega, Sjö Sandström, Tag Heuer to name a few. The precision milled and carefully sanded bases are treated with Osmo white pigmented hard wax oil. This natural vegetable oil gives the sculpture bases a smooth coloring and a Scandinavian and harmonious feel, which balances the chalky white sculptures perfectly.

Ask Skulpturbaser
"Ask" (transl. "Ash") with sculpture bases in Ash

Name plates

The nameplates are cast in genuine silver, under vacuum pressure by a goldsmith in Sävsjö, Småland. Argentium silver, designated 935, is an alloy similar to Sterling silver but "upgraded", which means higher silver content. Argentium silver contains the metal Germanium instead of Copper. This gives a whiter silver with higher spectacles and that the does not turn black like Sterling silver when it oxidizes. In addition, it is significantly harder than Sterling Silver and it is also referred to as hypoallergenic. The silver is guaranteed only manufacturer of recycled silver. The silver is traceable and manufacturing has a significantly lower environmental impact than regular silver. Only a few manufacturers are licensed to manufacture Argentium silver.

Argentium Embla close

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